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The story began in Bangladesh, where Charlene Riikonen, Drs. David Sack and W. B. Greenough met during the 1980s while working at the ICDDRB in Dhaka and saw firsthand how dehydration causes severe illness and death. After returning to the U.S., they were determined to develop an oral rehydration therapy that was better, faster, and easier to apply.

Charlene Riikonen founded Cera Products in 1993. CeraLyte was the first result of years of research, product development and clinical studies. This product has helped thousands of people and is used by health organizations throughout the United States and in Canada, Central America, Europe, and parts of Africa. Continued research with Cera's rice-based powder systems has resulted in three other products: CeraSport® for sweat replacement and performance; CeraVet®, an advanced hydration product for animals; and CeraVacx®, a buffer delivery system for oral enteric vaccines that significantly improves effectiveness of the vaccines tested.

As Cera builds brands for its products, the Company's mission is to make products that help people feel better, avert hospitalizations and save lives, both in the US and globally. Cera measures the real bottom line in how its products can help others, specifically to correct or avert dehydration. Cera Products provides quality products that improve health and save lives. Cera Products, Inc. is now a member of the Greater Baltimore Committee.


CeraLyte ORT
Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)
CeraLyte ORT
  • Dr, William Greenough (above) and Dr,. David Sack (left) have both served as Director of the ICCDRB in Bangladesh, where ORT was first discovered.
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