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Government Contract Number and Cage Identifiers:
VA/GSA Contract # V797P-5205b
DAPA MED/SURG Contract # SP0200-05-H-0081
DLA CEC Contract # SPM2D0-07-D-0005 (25 Sept 2007 to 24 Sept 2017)
NAPA # 0473
DUNS 83-591-7246
NAICS 325412

Military personnel are at high risk for dehydration and its complications.
Dehydration can result from strenuous activity in high temperature environments, as well as from fever or illness. CeraSport and CeraLyte are scientifically formulated to effectively replace lost fluids and electrolytes — so you feel better faster.

CeraLyte Facts:
1. CeraLyte both prevents and corrects dehydration from diarrhea
2. CeraLyte is absorbed easily, to restore fluid volume quickly
3. CeraLyte promotes better recovery from dehydration

CeraSport Facts:
1. CeraSport is clinically proven to correct and avert dehydration
2. CeraSport restores fluids BETTER than leading sports drinks
3. CeraSport hydrates with no side effects, like cramping or nausea.  

Cera Products is currently sponsoring Jeff Soule and the Adventure racing Team - Enduring Freedom.
Jeff Soule, CeraSport Athlete and former Army Ranger can be seen reruns of "Fight Science" (Ultimate Soldiers), on the National Geographic channel.

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Team CeraSport at the Best Ranger Competiton, May 2010
Way to go to our own Jennifer Rapp, for participating in the Best Ranger Supporter Challenge!
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