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"I work for the Federal Gov't in Afghanistan and need to stay hydrated due to training. I tried some samples of your product and love it."

S.N., Special Agent

The 5 quotes below are in response to care packages that were sent to the troops in Afganistan, during Christmas 2009, that contained CeraSport EX1.

"Thank you so much for all of the care packages sent over here to Kabul, Afghanistan. I've been here for 3 months and I visit the U.S. National Support Element (NSE) on occasion and I've often seen your cool camauflage boxes enjoyed by countless soldiers. I appreciated an extra pocket Bible in particular and actually used one of the empty boxes to send a few gifts back to my family so thanks! We are all amazed at the love and support provided by the American people and caring individuals/organizations like you/yours. Please know that it is greatly appreciated and we'll look forward to continuing to support your companies in the future."

K. G., MAJ, U.S. Army

"I am SSgt M. W. I am a active duty Air Force currently deployed at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan. I wanted to write this email to say thanks for the products that was received in the holiday care packages. When I receive something from someone and they provide contact information I always take the time to thank them for their efforts. It feels good to know that we all have someone out there that takes the time to think about the troops and provide them with items that are useful for battle. Please continue to keep all of the troops in your thoughts and prayers."

Thanks again and have a blessed day,

"My name is J.U. and I am the Company Commander for Company A, 2nd Battalion 5th Cavalry Regiment out of the 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood Texas. I command a Joint Security Station in Sadr City Baghdad, which is a very poor area and is subject to significant violence. My soldiers come from a variety of fields (Infantrymen, Tankers, Communications, and Intelligence to name a few) and their main focus is keeping violence down in this area. My soldiers received your Christmas packages and I wanted to personally thank you for your support. My men really appreciated your gifts and are using their Potomac Field Gear Balaclavas and Skull Caps every day. Many of them commented that on their list of "bad Christmas" (any Christmas away from home) this was the best one! It would not have been possible for me to give them their best overseas Christmas without your help, and for that I am forever thankful.  Thank you again. "

Captain J.U.

"My name is Gunnery Sergeant C.E. and I'm the senior enlisted Marine for a detachment of Marines from Camp Pendleton, California here in Firebase Fiddler's Green, Afghanistan. I just received today a package from the 3rd Battalion 10th Marines aid station from your organization with food items. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Last night it rained so much that all our tents are in anywhere from 3-6 inches of water and the chowhall was closed as a result. Thanks to your organization, my Marines and I were just able to eat some really good WARM food that just hit the spot. You have no idea how much that means to us or how much that builds moral when you get a "piece of home" in the mail that you can eat and, even for a moment or two, make you forget that you're cold, wet, and hungry.  

From the bottom of my heart, I truly would like to thank all the organizations that made these care packages possible to the Marines and Sailors here in Helmand. Even though the packages were not addressed to us specifically, it makes you feel special that someone took the time to send this to you. Attached are some photographs of my team of Marines and I here in Afghanistan. "

Semper Fidelis,
GySgt C.E.

"Thank you so much for the care package you guys sent me here in Iraq. It was very nice and meant alot! I am very appreciative of people who take the time to help us soldiers out.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! "

Thanks again,
Spc. P.G.

"I want to wish you and Cera the best for 2010, and continued success for many years to come. It's great to see the dedication and commitment that Cera Sport is providing our Soldiers here in the United States and abroad.

It was a pleasure seeing and talking to you at the War Fighter/AUSA Conference, and I look forward to seeing you in the near future. The mixes are great, which directly enhances the quality of training when utilizing the hydration products! "

Thanks again,

"I have used a lot of different sports products over the years but nothing has rehydrated me as quickly as the Cerasport EX1 has. Even after completing a 6 mile ruck run I drank a liter bottle of water with the EX1 in it and I was rehydrated before I finished the bottle. This works especially well when I consume at least one packet a day mixed in my water. Plus you were right about the flavors, the lime is the best one."

C. M., CPT US Army

"I first used CeraSport at Airborne School in 2006. Also, a good friend was a spokesperson CS and I was hooked every since. I took CS to Iraq with me and distribute it out to my Soldiers and it helped greatly due to the sweat loss and fatigue from the heat and long missions."

L. M.

"I just want to personally thank you for the gift box we received. It's the little things in life that make it all worth it. It is truly appreciated, especially during the Holiday Season when we are away from our families. Thank you again and as a Chief who just rotated back said-

"Proud to Serve and Glad to Be Here! HUA!"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! "

Supervisor, Infrastructure Ops

"I want to thank you so very much for thinking about us over here in Afghanistan & Iraq. It was really special to receive your gifts, it brought a smile to all our personnel in our combat engineering team. Being so far from our families & friends, your gesture brings back a touch of home.

Thank you again!

God Bless you all! "
BSG Engineers, Superintendent

"Thank you to all the organizations that took there time effort to send us these treats.. The men and women serving here in Afghanistan really appreciate all the support and prayers during this holiday season and all year long.. We are pound to serve you..

Thank you again from all of us serving overseas"
TSgt J. Williams
Serving in Kabul, Afghanistan

"I am stationed at Kandahar and received a gift box.  I would like to thank your company and the other sponsors who took time out of their day to put these together.  I will send a thank to each one.  We are a small unit which have a very diverse group from all branches of services that handles allot of special projects so it is very much appropriated especially for the younger folks.  

Again Thank you,"
J. Goggin, MSgt, USAF

Awards & Honors

"I always keep CeraLyte and CeraSport in the team medical pack, as well as in my personal gear. Cera products are strongly endorsed by SERT Group International."
Scott Sheldon, President
SERT Group International

Top Photo:
Courtesy of U.S Department of Defense.
Bottom Photo:
Courtesy of S.Sheldon

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