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  • Faster Absorption – short, mid and long-chain polymers in Cera’s patented rice digest accelerates
    and increases total absorption of salts
    and water
  • Timed-release – providing continuous hydration to the body, whether for hydration or delivery systems
  • Variety of flavors
    and packaging: powder packets and ready-to-drink formulations for sport and medical use

CERA Products:

Cera's fast acting oral electrolyte products are based on patented rice formulations that contains a variety of carbohydrate chain lengths, and preservation of the rice protein and other attributes that are inherent in rice.

They have been evaluated and validated in over 15 laboratory and clinical studies, with additional studies continuing. Cera's products are appropriate for all ages. They are packaged in powder and in ready-to-drink forms in a variety of flavors. Cera has developed four primary products:

CeraLyte, the Company's primary product, has the
dual action of treating diarrhea symptoms while it rehydrates.

CeraSport enhances performance and helps avert dehydration
caused by sweat loss.

CeraVacx, a patented buffer-delivery system, enhances human
and animal live oral enteric vaccine, drug, vitamin (and possibly
peptide) delivery

CeraVet is an oral hydration system for small and large
animals, especially pets.


Awards & Honors
"CeraLyte has been a lifesaver for me. There is no way that I can thank you for your product. Except thanks for my life friends are amazed to see the energy that I have, and can’t believe how sick I was...I am going on a cruise in July and CeraLyte will be going with me."
RG in LA
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© 1999-2013 Cera Products, Inc, all rights reserved. No products are intended as a cure for any disease or illness. Always check with your doctor regarding your use of any supplement. Cera Products does NOT use GMO rice in its products; all Cera's products are manufactured in the USA.