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  • A scientifically developed rice-based rehydration drink, CeraSport contains an optimal mix and ratio of carbohydrates and electrolytes, to mix with water to provide great drink to rehydrate.
  • For hydration during flu and fever associated with flu, and other conditions where good hydration is needed mix one single servings packet (20g) into 16 oz clean drinking water and drink.
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Influenza and "stomach flu" affect different parts of the body but they share one trait: the danger of dehydration. Dehydration from either ailment can be treated with a little help from Cera Products.

The flu, short for influenza, is a virus with such symptoms as high fever, profuse sweating and cough. CeraSport is a natural rice-based oral electrolyte drink, scientifically developed along with doctors of John Hopkins School of Medicine to restore essential salts and fluids. Drink CeraSport for hydration; it can be taken along with other medications for influenza, as directed by your doctor or health professional.

A "stomach flu" is gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the digestive tract that results in decreased appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. For "stomach flu" try drinking CeraLyte to prevent dehydration and to promote faster recovery. In the case of severe diarrhea, CeraLyte can shorten the length of the illness and the amount of fluid loss by up to 30%.

Benefits of CeraSport:
- Quickly and effectively restore needed electrolytes, preventing dehydration.
- Low osmolality delivers water and nutrients more efficiently.
- Restore fluid balance and cell function, enabling you to feel better faster.

For CeraSport nutritional information, click here.

For CeraLyte nutritional information, click here.

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