CeraSport and CeraSport EX1

CeraSport and CeraSport EX1 are both new generation rice-based hydration drinks that were developed along with physicians at Johns Hopkins University. They are the only hydration products on the market that are made from a rice-based carbohydrate. Our patented rice syrup blend contains short, medium, long and very long chains of carbohydrate. As the body systematically breaks down the rice-based carbohydrate, CeraSport and CeraSport EX1 provide both quick and sustained hydration over time.

So what's the difference between CeraSport & CeraSport EX1?

The major difference between the two products is that CeraSport EX1 has half of the rice-based carbohydrate and nearly double the amount of electrolytes compared to CeraSport. Please see the comparison chart below for their specific nutrition facts.

When do I use CeraSport verses CeraSport EX1?

CeraSport is best used for endurance events and training regimens where carbohydrate consumption before, during and after activity is essential in order to help maintain blood sugar and prevent fatigue. For example, long distance running, triathlons, long distance cycling, backpacking, adventure races or other physical activities that last over 60 minutes.

CeraSport EX1 is best used for shorter events or bouts of physical activity in hot and humid environments. In these conditions sweat rate increases, and a stronger electrolyte replacement is needed. For example, short or middle distance track and field events, weight lifting events, material arts, policemen or firemen training, golf, tennis or other various activities that take place in very hot conditions.

CeraSport Vs. CeraSport EX-1


CeraSport EX-1


mEg/l mg/l mEg/l



20 800 35



4 390 10



5 1110 15



18 1050 30



160 80 80


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