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  • CeraLyte® oral rehydration drink hydrates while reducing diarrhea symptoms
  • CeraSport® averts dehydration from
    sweat loss due to athletic activity
  • CeraVacx® delivery- buffer system for oral enteric vaccine delivery
  • CeraVet® hydration drink for small and
    large animals

CERA Products:

"The Colorado flooding was an unprecedented event, where more than 10 inches of rain fell in less than 72 hours. This flooded the rivers over capacity and caused widespread flooding. There were at least 8 deaths, 2000 houses destroyed and over 10000 houses affected by the flood. Some mountain towns were completely shut off. It affected over 2000 square miles of land. The current problems include finding shelters and housing for these people, cleaning out of basements and dealing with most people not having flood insurance and of course the emotions that go with this all. The supplies we have received have gone directly to those affected and in shelters or in the clean-up process. I will share one quick story of a mother who lost everything and was handed a donated pillow pet and this made her cry for what that meant at that moment. We are supplying one shelter, one red cross location and 2 non-profit front line organizations across 2 counties with these wonderful donations. Thanks everyone for helping us be the front line in helping in this crisis."
Greg Hageman, Pharmacy Director at the Loveland location for Sunrise Monfort Family Clinic

"I love the new CeraLyte. The new, clear CeraLyte has a fresh, clean taste. It doesn’t have to be repeatedly stirred to keep the ingredients blended. The new container is sturdier and easier to open and reseal.  Best of all, though, its still the drink that keeps me out of the hospital for re-hydration!"
Dr. B from Ft. Lauderdale

"I have been going through the Combat Life Saver (CLS) course at Fort Dix for the last four days doing some reserve duty.

Hot and humid as ............, well you know. I take ORS every morning to get the day started, then have another later in the day just to maintain. Its the best product yet. I would'nt think about not keeping hydrated daily.

At the fire department the other day we had a good fire, once again it was hot and wearing all that gear didn't help. I outlasted my crew. I believe it was because of ORS. I use it to make sure I am not only hydrated, but in the bigger picture I need to be on my mental "A" game when I make decisions."
Steve A.

"Ceralyte oral rehydration drink is saving lives. It has a pleasing citrus taste that many patients like. It is ready-to-use in a convenient carton that is easy to reseal and close. Many cholera patients are able to rehydrate themselves through oral solutions alone. Ceralyte is a great option for these patients and helps to restore electrolyte balance and hydration quickly and effectively. This is an excellent product that we would use again and recommend to others."
Christian Aid Ministries

"Thank you for your helpful suggestions. The condition has come to define my life so I can't tell you how much I appreciate your input. With NMH, I have daily episodes of pre-syncope, nausea, warmth, weakness, thirst and sometimes falling. Dehydration and heat intolerance have always been a part of the picture, but it seems to have increased over time. I failed a TTT in 2005 and have used your product since then. Thank you so much."
Mrs. Sonja S.

"Mrs. D who purchases the product for her 80 year old mother. She said that "thanks to our CeraLyte Product, her mother is able to stay alive and thrive with only 8 feet of intestine!"
Mrs. D

"I'm one of your VERY HAPPY customers who bought a variety of Cera products to send to my son serving in the Peace Corps in W. Africa. When we spoke to him several weeks ago he'd been recovering from some transient V & D. However, he told me he specifically saves your products for just such occasions & they've really helped him!

PS  Perhaps the US Peace Corps would consider purchasing your packets to include in their medical kids (issued to all new volunteers). I know they have ORSalts but it seems to me the rice based solutions would be ideal! "

M.W., Norwood, MA

"I also wanted to tell you that the Ceralyte packets made it to Haiti this week and all of them have been distributed to people very much in need. Thank you so much for the 15% off and for your help in making a difference in so many people's life's."

"I'm one of Nutrishare's TPN patients. About 3 years ago, I finally tried your products, started with the Ceralyte 70, then the Ceralyte 90. The 90 has transformed my life... I've gone from 4 liters a night, to 1.5 liters. I sip 1 1/2 to 2 liters of the 90 a day. The Ceralyte 90 is precisely as good as an IV."
E.P., TPN patient

"I wanted to thank you...I got my shipment of the Ceralyte yesterday. The lemon flavor is really good. (I had the natural before, and like it too, but find the lemon a nice change.) Thanks also for having the sample pack of the 50/70 multiple flavors. Also, I have noticed that using the Ceralyte does not cause spikes in my blood sugar. It also helps my stomach (it is so gentle, and gets more potassium into me easily.) The doctor you told me about is reviewing my case study and I really apppreciate all you and Lea's help with everything :-) Ceralyte is a really helpful product. And also a great company - I appreciate the kindness you all have shown, the made in USA, and the newsletters and so much helpful information.

Have a great day, and thanks again for the help. "

"Ceralyte is great! I heard about Ceralyte through the Oley foundation. I was on IV hydration for electrolyte deficiencies, and received 3 liters of fluids through a PICC line daily. I am able to use Ceralyte for oral hydration, and have not had to have a PICC line for more than 2 months now! Ceralyte’s rice based formula gave me more stable blood glucose levels, and it is gentle on my stomach. Also, I am glad that Ceralyte is made in the USA. I think that is very important. "

"I honestly can't quite remember exactly where I heard about your products. I believe I was in college and someone had put it in a college survival pack. When I was diagnosed with IBS, a chronic syndrome that affects the lower GI-and sometimes upper-, I used to get extremely dehydrated from the diarrhea. This almost always landed me in the hospital, hooked up to IV fluids, so sick I was seeing double. This has happened numerous times in my life. Until I started Ceralyte. Ceralyte 50 is the product I use when I get to that "scary" place where I could go one way or the other. But it isn't so scary anymore, as I start to sip the drink, the nausea and diarrhea slowly go away, and I can fall asleep and come back to normal. Your product is a major tool in my toolbox for the management of my symptoms, and I thank you very much. It is a healthy, calming, soothing, and perfect product for me. And I've not landed in the hospital since starting it during those flare ups.

Thanks again for a great product."

"At World Missions Possible (, we have used CERALyte in our rural African medical outreach missions for 4 years now - We love how effectively CERALyte works for our patients in our clnics. The small 10-gram packets are perfect for patient distribution and we can always count on patients enjoying the taste. Plus, we don't have to worry about any potential or unknown allergies when they take CERALyte. And last year, when I got sick in West Africa, I relied on CERAL:tye to keep me hydrated."

Thanks for a good & reliable product,

Roxane Richter, EM.T.
World Missions Possible

"All the products I've ordered have been great but I am particularly fond of the chicken broth. I have chronic IBS and after a bout with diarrhea, it is extremely soothing to settle down, sip the hot chicken broth, and relax. I do not want to eat a cold banana or applesauce or crackers each time. I want something hot, calming, and filling. The broth is even tastier than so-called real chicken broth and the individual packets are just the right size. And by just heating water it can be prepared quickly.

Thank you for this fabulous product."

"I've been using and recommending Cera products since my time as an Army Ranger physician with the 1st Ranger Bn.

I am an Emergency Medicine physician, and am now retired from active duty, but have been training the local SWAT teams here in the McKinney area. I am currently training a "new" class of 3 tactical paramedics for the city. My SWAT team will be competing in a major tactical competition next month, and will be carrying/using the Cera products I purchased for them.

Eventually, I hope to convince the EMS directors to utilize the Cera line in the pre-hospital care phase when the EMS teams cover larger community events.

Thank you. "

"WOW! What a life (health) saver your products are. Recently while deployed I was introduced to oue of your electrolyte drinks. Because it worked so well I swore to write to you ASAP.

Thank you. "
B. Adams

"I have been approached several times by other sales people who provide products similar to Ceralyte. I continue to stay with Ceralyte because:
1) It tastes better than the other products therefore our patients are more likely to drink it when they feel sick.
2) I've personally used Ceralyte and found it to be effective.
3) I like the professional packaging of Ceralyte
4) Your company has always provided great customer service"
D. Lozares
Passport Health, San Diego

"HI there. Well enclosed is a picture of me. I am not very photogenic, but that's me. And what I would like to say to you and your group is: This may seem corny, but if it weren't for the fact that Cera and Dr Kelly from the Mayo Clinic were at the same conference 3 days before I was admitted to St Mary's Hospital 12 years ago for the umpteenth hundredth time for dehydration due to My Crohn's disease, my life would be very different. Ceralyte didn't change my life it saved it. With only 4 feet of small bowel, Hydration was a challenge. I spent more time in a hospital beds or ERs than finally at home being hooked up to an IV than I care to Remember. I am just a regular person who's life was restored to normal with Ceralyte.

That's the truth you folks saved my life and I am forever grateful."
Terry Anne Carter-Letchworth

"We are adopting a child from China and our agency recommended we take Ceralyte with us in case our daughter is ill while we are there. The fact that the product comes in a powdered form is the main reason why we chose it. The premixed electrolyte solutions are just to heavy and bulky to carry overseas."

"Yes, I received the order, just as promised. I hadn't tried the natural flavor before, but we found that both of us love it. Here's what I have to share. My husband gets "killer" cramps! He never knows when this will happen...once it occurred on the commuter train and he thought he would not be able to de-train. The other day, he had another episode here at the house..normally, I would hand him pedialyte, and some electrolyte pills. This time, I mixed up a glass of works SO FAST! He was quite impressed with how quickly the cramp subsided. Believe me...we will go NOWHERE without a packet!!!! Thanks for such a great and effecftive product!"
Dick S.

"I heard about CeraLyte Products from Passport Health and had the opportunity (or should I say the inopportunity) to use it on a trip to Peru's Amazon. I got a bad case of diarrhea. I tried Immodium but found it too harsh for my system and switched over to CeraLyte 70. I felt better immediately and it really did cut down on my sypmtoms and duration. I have ordered extra packets of CeraLyte to pass off to my friends. I am also ordering a Sports sample as I hike with a club and have been on hikes where some of the hikers have lost their electrolytes and could barely put one foot in front of the other and we've almost had to call for rescue. If the Sports drink helps like the CeraLyte did, it will be a lifesaver!"

"My daughter, C H, is doing her internship to become a Registered Dietitian in Philadelphia at area hospitals. She had gone to a lecture regarding digestive disorders and they were talking about CeraLyte there. She immediately called me to tell me about it and Forvia vitamins. They are also formulated for the IBD patients. Got on the phone and ordered the items right away. Great help! Love the products and they have made a difference. I tell everyone that might benefit from these products. Thanks,"

"You recently received a letter of thanks from my mom, J H. I recommended Ceralyte products to her (and many of my patients with IBD) because of the praise Charlotte Genetta gave to your products. Charlotte is an out-patient RD with Virtua Hospital in Voorhees, NJ, which is where I am completing my internship to become an RD.

I would also like to thank you and your company for creating and marketing such a wonderful product. I am so happy that my mom has found something that works for her. I wish Ceralyte was on the formulary here at Virtua...maybe one day it will be! As for now, I will continue to recommend this product to my patients. I may even include some research supporting Ceralyte in a case study I am currently writing about Celiac Disease.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!"
Ms. C H

"I am very pleased with my order.  I found your Web site online and was very interested in hydration products as I tend to get dehydrated very easily.  In fact, two days after receiving your product, I came down with the stomach flu and your product helped in my recovery.  I didn't get dehydrated like I usually was great!  Thank you."
Ms. B

"I heard about ORS, oral rehydration packets, on the (everest) Base Camp MD website.  I am going to climb Manaslu (one of the 8000m peaks) in Nepal this autumn and thought these would be a great addition to the med kit.  Better than trying to get Gatorade down. Thanks."

"Yes, I received the order and I am very satisfied with the service. On the special instructions portion of my order I was unclear on my request and I received a phone call to verify the order was filled with the products I wanted. The lady calling me was friendly and professional; that is great customer service!  My gastroenterologist suggested I keep CeraLyte and use it as needed. I tend to dehydrate quickly and often.  Most other products contain ingredients I am allergic to and CeraLyte 70 has saved me from several trips to the emergency room! My husband is a runner and we thought we would try the Cera Sport as well! Thank you for your service!"
Sue W

"I was referred to your site by my friends with Crohns disease.  CD patients have hydration concerns.  It was easy to order from your site and my order arrived quickly and safe.  You have followed up so quickly, I haven even had a chance to try the product but I really like this customer service. Well done."
Tricia L

"Thank you very much .I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I have been unable to work since December 1999 and I am now on social security disability. CeraLyte has helped with dizziness and I am able to get around better. Much appreciated."
YB in MD

"After colon surgery, I had to go on disability and was hooked up to an IV line and pump because I was dehydrated every day. My former supervisor at a hospital in Toronto told me about CeraLyte and after trying the CeraLyte-90, I was able to STOP the IV treatments! I am telling others like myself about this. I hope I can be a valid asset to CeraLyte and the people who need this product."
DF in Canada

"Thank you for providing this product. It did indeed save Becky's field study experience abroad."
JS in VT

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"This Product worked great. Passing info along to friends and family. Excellent product!"
CH in West VA
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