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  • CeraLyte® oral rehydration drink hydrates while reducing diarrhea symptoms
  • CeraSport® averts dehydration from
    sweat loss due to athletic activity
  • CeraVacx® delivery- buffer system for oral enteric vaccine delivery
  • CeraVet® hydration drink for small and
    large animals

CERA Products:

"It was a blazing hot day in August at Team BBC's last "Back to School Criterium", a multilap bicycle race around a ring road at a Local High School.  The Humidity was 100% and the late summer sun had heated the asphalt to melting point.  As I lined up for the start, cycle shoe cleats sinking into the road surface, I realized that hydration was key to surviving to the end of the hour-long race with something left in the tank for a sprint to the finish line.  Armed with CeraSport in my bottles, I set off at the starting whistle and sipped throughout the race. At about the 45 minute mark, many racers' performance was fading when the referee rang the bell for a prime lap as the peleton passed:  The first racer over the line would get a "Prime" or prize on the next lap.  Feeling like I still had a lot of pep left in the legs, I led out the sprint coming around the final corner.  As I apexed the turn and looked under my arm behind me, I saw that no one was able to keep up! I was all alone out front with a 200 meter lead on the pack!  Thanks to still being fresh, I managed to hold the lead all the way to the line and win the sprint"
E Russell, Team BBC (Baltimore Bicycling Club)

"Love the stuff! You're perfect."
K. G. from Chicago

"It worked great for me, no cramping at all during the race. Although the 90+ heat did get to me on the run, I bonked hard but didn't cramp. I should have bought more as I drank my supply of Cera on the bike. I did not try the EX1 but I plan to place an order for more off of your website soon and will give it a go."

" I've had a long history experiencing excruciating inner thigh leg cramps after extreme workouts &/or from heavy sweating due to hot weather most my adult life. I've tried virtually every product out there without much, if any relief. I was taking a First Responders Medical class & related this problem to our instructor. He recommended Cera Sport to me & I'm happy to report that your EX1 not only prevents my leg cramps but also seems to relieve my "restless leg syndrome" at night as well. "

H. W. with CeraSport sponsored athlete Mirinda Carfrae, (sponsored 2007-2009)

"CeraSport - THANK YOU!!! I started training for triathlon in Nov 2010 and I've struggled to find nutrition and hydration that didn't upset my stomach during intense training. I found your product several weeks ago, ordered it on the spot and it's working extremely well for me. Not being able to fuel properly was holding me back, not to mention frustrating! I have a gluten intolerance and even the GF products weren't working well for me. I completed my first Tri on May 1st in St. Croix - using Ex1 as fuel, I finished second (women) in the Sprint distance. No stomach issues at all, I felt strong the entire race and my race recovery has been extremely fast. A million thank you's for creating such a great product! "
H. W., New Hampshire

""I used CeraSport for the first time at the Soldier Marathon @ Ft. Benning, GA. I needed a 3:20 to Boston Qualify. I was hesitant to use it, because frankly, I had never heard of it before. New nutrition on race day is generally not a good thing. I have to say that it worked out far better than expected. The taste is really good, with a subdued flavor, and more importantly, it was tolerable from start to finish. The same cannot be said for 'other' sports drinks out there. The energy delivered was very effective, and played an important part in my running a 3:19, placing 4th in my age group, and 22nd overall. I'm heading to Boston!" "
R. T.

"I believe Cerasport is the best hydration product on the market (at least it works best for me and many of the people I have introduced it to). I am very grateful for the opportunity to represent the company. "
D. T.

"I rode 100 miles Saturday from Baltimore to Hershey, PA. Took me 7 hours and 10 minutes. CeraSport the whole time... and no cramps, even in that crazy heat! "
Michael Elton, Luv Cycles Cycling Team

"I am SUPER happy to find a product like this - I can't have wheat, gluten or corn. So, this is perfect. THANK YOU! "

"I am writing to thank you for your sponsorship of my team, Team BBC. A few weeks ago I competed in the relay division of the Savage Man Triathlon. This half Iron Man distance is based out of the beautiful Deep Creek State Park right here in our home state.  As you may already know it attracts competitors from all over the world. 

As is usual with events of this caliber there were many professional photographers on the race course. A few of the photos are very good, (not because they have me in them) because you can clearly see the Cera Sport logos as they are placed on the team kit. 

As someone who has felt the benefits of the products, I am happy to ride with your name on my back. 

Again, thank you "
Aaron J Mongeau, Team BBC

"Thanks a lot for the email, so here is what I've got to say about CeraSportEX1 hands down the best sports drinks there is out in the market! I'm really happy that Chris sent me to you guys to find the answer to my race nutrition problems, during my practice "try out" everything went fine and as racing goes I can say that compared to anything else I've taken CeraSportEX1 gave me an edge.

My season (triathlon) has come to an end but that only means that my College swim season is just starting, I'm pretty sure I'll ordering something pretty soon, and as my triathlon nutrition goes for the 2010 season I'm definitely using your products for sure.
Thanks a lot. "
J. R.

"I was a roller skater, I had so many skills in this sport, but one day, a triathlon coach told me that I could be very good in that sport, because I had so much ability and physical conditioning to become an excellent triathlete. I liked what he said, because I was looking for one sport that was not monotone. I started practicing it, and I felt in love with it. So, since 2001 My life has evolved around triathlon. It is my passion, my life style, my expectations, my dreams... all what I do is concerned to triathlon... All what I do revolves around this.
I love Cera sport, it helps me be a better athlete.
Thank you. "
Carlos Quintana

"Im Marcela Miramontes, Im a Sirius Athlete, im a profesional Triathlete in Mexico and Here, i been trainning with Sri Lindley for one and a half years, i want to say thank you very much for your Sponsorship, the Cera sport products for me, are the best products for racing and trainning, i been drinking all this time in trainning and racing this products and i really feel the diference between others brands that its just sugar... congratulations for this amazing products and thank you so much again for your help and support :) "
Marcela Miramontes

"I have just returned to Seattle from our trip to K2. It was an incredible trip with a lot of ups and downs. No one reached the summit of K2 this year due to deep snow near the summit. But the trip was amazing nonetheless. I shot a lot of great footage and am looking forward to continuing to work on my documentary about the anniversary of the 1909 Italian expedition.

CeraSport was a big help, as I had anticipated. On our hike in temperatures were high and since I usually only carry two liters of water I often got into our camps very dehydrated. I would routinely drink two liters of CeraSport within an hour. Up on the mountain I discovered that CeraSport is a great hot drink! And while climbing it helped a lot to keep our blood sugars up and our energy levels stable.

I would be happy to write an article for your newsletter. I can talk generally about hydration in high altitude mountaineering and specifically about our experiences on this climb. I will include some pictures as well.

Thanks again for your support. I used up everything you guys sent. I especially liked the regular CeraSport and CeraSportEX1. Luckily we didn't have any problems with severe diarhea. But we were really pleased with your product while working hard. I could literally feel it abrorbing into my body and the sugars really helped keep me going.

Cheers, "
Dave Ohlson

"WOW! What a life (health) saver your products are. Recently while deployed I was introduced to one of your electrolyte drinks. Because it worked so well I swore to write to you ASAP.

Thank you. "
B. Adams

"I am very satisfied with Cera's products and service. Living in Louisiana, where it is very hot and humid, these products are really life savers when doing ANYTHING outside. I regularly use them and am very satisfied with staying hydrated. I can definitely tell a difference between using Cera and just drinking straight water.

Thanks for a great product! "

"What I am noticing and enjoying the most is the fact that CeraSport staves off cramping. I usually start to cramp at about 3 hours on a hard bike ride and the drink totally kills that by keeping water and carbs in the muscles. and I am a fan of the no " sugary stuff" aspect."

"Just back from Buffalo Springs. Your product worked great. I was second in my age group and experienced none of the issues I had in St Croix. I alternated 1 bottle of EX1 with 1 bottle of water and carried EX1 on fuel belt for run. I sipped the fuel belt bottles during the run. I could probably just do Cerasport rather than alternting EX1 and water which I will try next race. But, a great change in my hydration which is exactly as you guys advertise: simpler and much easier on the stomach!!!!! Thanks so much as it made all the difference in my race."

" I have been loving training with my Cerasport ... especially in the hot summer weather that we have just started having these last few weeks. I've done a couple of races. Two weeks ago, I raced the Shawnigan Lake Half IronMan and placed 5th overall, 2nd in the BC championship. That was a bit of a disappointment for me as I was doing really well until the last 10km of the run where I had some issues with allergies and started struggling to breathe :(

Sunday, I had a much happier race, winning the biggest triathlon in BC after IronMan Canada ... The Persona Oliver Half Ironman. As usual, I trailed most of my competition out of the swim. On the bike, I had a few mechanical difficulties and did not manage to make up too much time but I rode a decent steady ride and arrived in T2 ready to hunt everyone down! I just made it with the fastest women's run split by about 5 minutes, I tracked down my last competitor just after the 20km marker and beat her to the line by 18 seconds! Next up, Ironman Coeur d'Alene on June 21st."
Miranda Alldritt, Team Siri

"CeraSport got me hydrated faster for peak performance!" Well I took 2nd this year at the arnold with a 622 squat, 385 bench press and a 667 deadlift for a total of 1675. I am still working on them for it but they are still getting for the olympics so hopefully soon... thanks again for everything"
Terry Acosta

"As far as racing goes, I guess that I can say I am in my off season.  I am still training 5-6 days a week.  Yesterday I did an experiment.  I decided to do my brick workout (3.1 mi run & 50 min spin class) using only water.  I am here to tell you the the Cera Sport makes a world of a difference.  Halfway through my spin class my energy level dropped off a ton.  I was holding the same heart rate as I normally do while using the Cera Sport but my RPM's dropped at least 25%.  I really had to put a lot more effort into my work out.  While using Cera Sport normally I can do a brick work out and still have energy to do more.  Yesterday, after my spin class I can officially say I was done/exhausted.  
That being said, I would love to try some of your new EX1.  Your timing couldn't be better, because I am just about out of Cera Sport."
Mr. SP

"I'm a women's Cat 4 road racer with a huge cramping problem. In fact, I've had to give up several potentially good finishes because my calves seized up toward the end of the race.

This May, I decided to drink a box of CeraSport before one of my most important events - Bike Jam in Baltimore. Not only did I not cramp, but I finished 4th! The only difference between how I felt this time and previously was the CeraSport. I normally only drank it after an event to re-hydrate, but using it before really made a difference. Thanks for a great product! "
Susan Olson, Team BBC

"Our team members are huge fans of Cerasport (in fact it saved a few of us from serious dehydration after a particularly grueling race last year) and we would love to have Cerasport at our event!"
Team BBC

"Last month I did receive the sample  of CeraSport. My son is a freshman in high school and just happened to start Spring training on the day that I received the sample. He was having severe cramps and I suggested that he try CeraSport. He loved it because it made the cramps go away."
Marvin H

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CeraSport sponsored professional triathletes Mirinda Carfrae (sponsored 2007-2009) and Bree Wee, after a recent event.
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