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In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a person's blood vessels may not constrict as they should as the individual changes positions (from laying down or sitting to standing up, for example).

People with CFS may feel better when the fluid volume in their blood vessels is increased (or "plumped up"). One way to do that is with increased salts and water.

CeraLyte oral electrolytes are scientifically formulated with the right concentrations of salts and water and complex carbohydrates to maximize absorption. This quickly and effectively increases blood volume and pressure, helping people feel less tired and fatigued as nutrients are now better able to reach organs and the brain.

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"Thank you very much …I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I have been unable to work since December 1999 and I am now on social security disability. CeraLyte has helped with dizziness and I am able to get around better. Much appreciated."
YB in MD
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