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Common sense suggests that the best treatment for dehydration is drinking water. However, significant electrolyte loss almost always accompanies water loss - so both electrolytes and water must be replaced.

Essential electrolytes, including an adequate supply of sodium, are needed to regulate the body's delicate fluid balance and to maintain good circulation. Too little fluid volume, or hypovolemia, can cause shock, stroke or cardiac arrest (heart attack). Repeated episodes of dehydration or serious dehydration can permanently harm organ functioning, especially early or late in life.

Not every liquid rehydrates correctly. Water does not have the needed electrolytes; sugary or salty drinks (or foods) can make the problem worse. All Cera products replace fluid losses with a composition that is similar to what was lost. In addition, Cera products replace volume quickly, and can be taken on a regular basis, before the problem becomes serious.

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"CeraLyte has been a lifesaver for me. There is no way that I can thank you for your product. Except thanks for my life friends are amazed to see the energy that I have, and can’t believe how sick I was...I am going on a cruise in July and CeraLyte will be going with me."
RG in LA
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