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CERA Products:

Chances are nearly 50% that you'll get travelers' diarrhea when you leave the country. Plain water, colas, and juices are not effective in replacing what the body needs during diarrheal illness.

Travel smart: take along CeraLyte packets. These packets contain the official salts formulation recommended by the World Health Organization, and are highly recommended for anyone, but especially for children, the elderly, or people with special conditions. CeraLyte ORS packets offer several important benefits to travelers:

. Effective electrolyte replacement
. Taste better than other solutions on the market
. Weigh less than 2 ounces - tuck easily into a suitcase
. Can be mixed into hot or cold water
. Effective for traveler's diarrhea
. Effective for fever
. Effective for sweat loss

To Order CeraLyte to take on your trip, call us at 1.888.CERALYTE (1.888.237.2598), visit our online store or e-mail us for the name of a distributor.


Awards & Honors
"I recently had a bout with food poisoning in Tanzania, East Africa. Passport Health had counseled me about the use of rehydration salts and I had Cera products with me. The Cera chicken broth flavor ORS was especially nice tasting and made me feel good."
DA in MD
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